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With Francine and Katchoo visiting, that meant that... showing Francine puppies. Because they were the girliest girls to ever girl when allowed to hang out.

"Arthur claims Brynn's no good at hunting, so he's using her to breed larger hounds," Merlin informed her sagely. While holding a wriggling puppy in his arms.

Big, badass wizard. Oh yeah. Live in fear.

[[For the one with him and anyone who might want to facepalm]]
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Having the free time to get out his mobile phone and magic book--because one wasn't bad enough, he needed them both--Merlin was just going to make the best of today.

Okay, so he was idly studying while he looked up random things on the google. It wasn't his fault that the iPhone was so fun for it! He even found a picture he'd have to send to Francine once he remembered how again. He knew he should have kept that book about the phone...

[[Open for calls and that guy in Camelot!]]
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With the dragon having been less than helpful concerning what was going on--other than to call Morgana a witch a lot--Merlin was left with no other option than to talk to one of the suspected Druid sympathizers.

And yes, yes, he knew he was cutting it close now as Arthur and the guards were storming through the lower town for everyone. But somehow managed to miss a servant of the royal household slipping past them and making his way into one of the houses after a very subtle use of magic. Subtle. Really.

Only to find the inhabitant wasn't anywhere in sight. But that was due to the fact that she was behind him with a sword. Oh, Camelot. "Forridel?"

"Move and I kill you," she said, pressing the tip of the sword more firmly against his back. "Who are you?"

Merlin winced, putting his hands up like he'd seen in those movies. "There's no time to explain," he said, glancing over his shoulder. "The King's men are coming for you."

Which was the right moment for knocking and the voices of men outside to filter into the house, yes. Thank you dramatic timing. She looked away, toward the noise, and lowered the sword before leading the way out the back of the small house. Funny that none of the guards thought about checking the back entrance, though...

This also meant they felt the need to stop only a few houses down in order to watch guards enter what had been the woman's house. "How did you know they were coming for me?" she asked rather than fleeing before a guard noticed them.

"I'm--" Something something. "Prince Arthur's servant."

That seemed to mollify her and she nodded in understanding. "You took a great risk to do that. Thank you."

Merlin shrugged, watching as the guards dragged another woman back up toward the castle. "I only wish I could have helped them all," he muttered. Then shook his head. "I need your help, though. I need--I need to know how to contact the Druids."

Her eyes went flinty and her posture straightened. "I wouldn't know anything about that."

"Please," Merlin replied, attempting those puppy eyes of his. "I'm not a spy for Uther or any of that nonsense. And if it weren't for me, you'd be arrested."

In the face of all that logic, she was simply bound to crumble and tell him where to look. Because he was the main bloody character after all.

[[NFI, but OOC is win]]
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With the girls leaving today, a proper goodbye was necessary. In Arthur's chambers.

...look, it was the best place to get a bit of privacy. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, Merlin might get a chance to attempt one of those portal things indoors! You never knew when that would be helpful!

"We can visit you both after school starts," he said with far too much enthusiasm.

[[For those in Camelot]]
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It was still the summer in Camelot, and that meant it was more than just a little too hot to stay in the castle on some days. Mostly ones where there wasn't a breeze to make the stone rooms less stifling.

So, this seemed to mean Arthur needed to take a quick hunting trip with his manservant.

His very, very grateful manservant.

"Are we actually hunting or...?"

[[For that guy]]
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Carrying a pile of blankets and sheets because this Camelot was not like your Camelot and they had tomatoes, damn it... Merlin made his way into the empty room to actually do his duties with their not so lovely guest.

Placing them down on the bed, he found that it looked as though no one touched it all the time she'd been here.

Which could have meant something nefarious or horrifyingly gross concerning the king.

But at least that creepy guy wasn't there.

[[FOR THAT CREEPY GUY... and a badger face]]
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After being told to deliver an elixer to the Lady Catrina and then being turned away, Merlin was left to wander on back to Gaius, still holding the bottle.

"She seemed confused by it," Merlin said, just beginning to get suspicious. Because he was a special lad.
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It was the same thing they did every Monday, collecting pots from Gaius' various patient's all over the city and within the keep proper. Which made for a terribly exciting time all around!

Okay, more like boring and Merlin left feeling a bit like a pack mule as he lugged the pots and Gaius carried on like he was on a carefree little walk.

[For the creepers]]
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Okay, so Merlin had been trying to get them back to Fandom for a visit, but they'd just ended up outside a mall.


A mall. This could only end in smiles and joy considering it was them. Really now.

"Did you see they have a place where you can watch them do things with chocolate?" Merlin asked, showing just how much of a girl he was. Plus... dude, there was chocolate. And chocolate shaped like small animals. Small animals, Arthur.

[[For that guy.]]
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There were things about Camelot that Merlin had missed. Things like, not having to bribe squirrels with alcohol when you wanted to sneak around. Because people just tended to ignore him without needing a bribe.

Oh, being a servant once again.

But, for now, he was on the hunt for this assassin. Despite not knowing what he looked like. Or, you know, where he might be. But he was looking! In the tents of the other competitors.

Oh yeah. This would end well.
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After rescuing a very stubborn pigeon from being shoved out the window by Gaius, Merlin had been thrilled and slightly confused by the message.

You certainly didn't hear about eating cat every day.

So, he wrote a careful response, putting it back into place with the bird. Who was one hell of a flyer if it came from an entirely different world and Merlin gave him credit for that. Credit and a bit of feed.

With any luck, it would make it back without Owain trying to eat it!

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Merlin had his and Arthur's phones and chargers and a whole day to work on things. Clearly nothing could go wrong in the quest to charge the damned things. Not even with the lightning.

...which hadn't actually been tried yet. Damn Karla and her logic.

So, for now, Merlin was busy fiddling with the phones to make sure he wouldn't destroy anything.
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After a bit of unsafe mucking about with portals, Merlin was back on the island. His first stop was, of course, to find Francine and Katchoo.

This proved to be more difficult than expected without a mobile phone. So, he went to their room and lurked for a bit before breaking in opening the door with a bit of magic in a manner that they couldn't kill him for. There was plenty of knocking in case they were doing... things.


Now that he had his phone again, he texted them only a few times.

Did everyone just disappear?

[[Establishy as most everyone ought to be cabin-ing!]]
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After trying the spell for what felt like the milionth time all night--er--morning now, Merlin was really about ready to give up. It just didn't seem likely to somehow at the last minutes just work. You know, like it always did.

"On þæs ácíege dæg dæg fyrlen. A geond swelc stíþmægen geanbyrde," he said one last time, letting his head thump back against the tree he was leaning on.

Which, of course, meant something worked then.

The phone in his hand suddenly had a signal, like they'd hoped it would! Oh, and there was a glowy sort of mass in front of him, but the phone was clearly the important bit.

Though, since Merlin hadn't learned his lesson about portals, he walked right into it.

As you do.

[[ 'stablishy! ]]
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After everyone (IE, Arthur) had gone to bed for the evening, Merlin had snuck out to give the phone another try.

They worked for everyone else, right? They had to work here. Even if that meant Merlin needed to give it a little extra oomph to get there. What the oomph would be... he honestly wasn't sure. But he was going to keep trying until something worked.

"On þæs ácíege dæg dæg fyrlen. A geond swelc stíþmægen geanbyrde," he said to the phone that just blinked to inform him that it's battery was nearly dead.

Yes, this could take all night.

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Merlin was not sneaking into his room. That would imply he had something to hide.

Which he didn't


"Are you avoiding me?" Gaius asked, coming out of nowhere on him. Those eyebrows were accusing him of something already.

"What?" Merlin asked, laughing nervously. "Why would I do that?"

The eyebrows rose imperiously.


"I--" Well, he needed to tell him sometime... "You were busy!"

That didn't help.

"Merlin, I am frequently busy, and yet I always manage to find time for you in my schedule," said Gaius, in that not-quite-accusing way that he has. "My boy, what on God's Earth has you so skittish?"

"I told Arthur," Merlin blurted out in one quick spurt. There. All said. "About me."

Gaius' eyes widened almost comically large. "You what?"

"He took it well!"

"Well obviously, since you're still alive," Gaius replied, pacing away from him.

Merlin bit his lip, shrugging helplessly. "I had to."

[[For those eyebrows and SP]
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There were a few too many children running about the dorms and town for anything like a quiet moment to oneself.

Because Merlin was so terribly fond of those, after all.

So, the best course of action was to flee to the beach. Yes, with bloody sunscreen so he didn't come back with a bright red face and ears. See? It can be taught sometimes.

This fleeing mostly just consisted of sitting just out of reach of the surf, watching gulls fly about and fight over washed up seaweed. Ah, the simply life.

[[For spawn!]]
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Merlin didn't remember last year with the children. Well, he did, but he was trying very hard to repress it, so...

He didn't remember.

So, he clinging to Arthur not unlike some sort of aquatic creature. Because it was comfortable for him at least.

[For the guy and any spawn who show up]]


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