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With the dragon having been less than helpful concerning what was going on--other than to call Morgana a witch a lot--Merlin was left with no other option than to talk to one of the suspected Druid sympathizers.

And yes, yes, he knew he was cutting it close now as Arthur and the guards were storming through the lower town for everyone. But somehow managed to miss a servant of the royal household slipping past them and making his way into one of the houses after a very subtle use of magic. Subtle. Really.

Only to find the inhabitant wasn't anywhere in sight. But that was due to the fact that she was behind him with a sword. Oh, Camelot. "Forridel?"

"Move and I kill you," she said, pressing the tip of the sword more firmly against his back. "Who are you?"

Merlin winced, putting his hands up like he'd seen in those movies. "There's no time to explain," he said, glancing over his shoulder. "The King's men are coming for you."

Which was the right moment for knocking and the voices of men outside to filter into the house, yes. Thank you dramatic timing. She looked away, toward the noise, and lowered the sword before leading the way out the back of the small house. Funny that none of the guards thought about checking the back entrance, though...

This also meant they felt the need to stop only a few houses down in order to watch guards enter what had been the woman's house. "How did you know they were coming for me?" she asked rather than fleeing before a guard noticed them.

"I'm--" Something something. "Prince Arthur's servant."

That seemed to mollify her and she nodded in understanding. "You took a great risk to do that. Thank you."

Merlin shrugged, watching as the guards dragged another woman back up toward the castle. "I only wish I could have helped them all," he muttered. Then shook his head. "I need your help, though. I need--I need to know how to contact the Druids."

Her eyes went flinty and her posture straightened. "I wouldn't know anything about that."

"Please," Merlin replied, attempting those puppy eyes of his. "I'm not a spy for Uther or any of that nonsense. And if it weren't for me, you'd be arrested."

In the face of all that logic, she was simply bound to crumble and tell him where to look. Because he was the main bloody character after all.

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