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Someone gave those brownies to the Magic Reserve. Someone who was probably a certain fish named man. And that meant someone needed to get his just desserts.

Somehow this meant sitting around in Merlin's room and trying out a brand new spell on him.

"Okay, so are we ready?" Merlin asked, clinging to his book tightly. Because it seemed like a good idea.

Karla had her supplies with her, too, including a whole skein of untouched spidersilk. She was going to weave so many tangled webs around Chuck Bass's brain that he'd be lucky to only believe himself a female. She'd been giving some serious thought to changing him into a beetle, a fish, and a particularly vile species of lizard.

Tony had his laptop open and in front of him. "I think so. I mean, I haven't done something like this before, but if something goes wrong, it should go wrong to Chuck, right? So win-win."

Merlin smiled far too cheerfully at that idea. Perhaps because he was just a bit evil under all that cheer.

"All at once?"

"Let's do this," Karla agreed, tying off the last knot in her web. "If he thinks practical jokes are funny, he should love this one."

There wasn't anything flashy or obvious when the spell was cast, unlike how it looked on those television shows. Nothing glittered even though glitter would have been a bit nice considering the group involved.

"Did it work?" Merlin asked very slowly.

"I guess we'd have to find Chuck to know," Tony said.

[[Establishy! Co-written with the fabu leaders of the Magic Reserve!]]
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Merlin had snagged brownies as he was dragged away from the Reserve by Arther. This mean that he was still very happy about everything that was going on today.

And looking through his embarrassingly large collection of pornographic DVDs for Raven to watch.

What would be worse, the hangover or the embarrassment was up in the air.

"Owaaain. You're a very pretty owl," He informed the dubious creature. "Would you like a trea--no, brownies aren't for birds."

[Expecting an empaaath]]
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You know, some people watched cartoons in the morning. Maybe sports. Those were the normal viewing habits of choice.

Merlin, however... decided that making Arthur become acquainted with his rather sizable porn collection was the goal this weekend.


He was a special man.

"And in this one, there's some rubbish about the back room of bars. I certainly hope Caritas isn't like that," Merlin said, putting yet another DVD on the bed for a selection.

[[For the blond guy]]
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Having woken up in a strange land with strange man, Merlin was forced to make due as best he could in escaping. This... somehow meant he was in a small, dark room filled with clothing.

And there was a sword in here, so he had that going for him.

Which was nice.

Now, to wait for this mysterious, yet somehow familiar stranger to lead him to freedom.

[[For that country. And yes, yes Merlin is from that horrible King Arthur movie with Clive Owen.]]
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It was the touching story of a boy and his owl over in Merlin's room right now. Or, rather, a slightly painful story.

"Owain, don't nip. I'm feeding you, I'm feeding you."

The damned thing was growing like a weed and eating more than anything it's size ought to. And now it was in the process of losing it's fluff and gaining flight feathers, which meant it looked a bit... er... special at the moment.

It was okay, Merlin loved him anyway.

"I said not to bite!"

[[Door and post ooopen]]
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So, Merlin was still more than a bit drunk. And he was being manhandled into his room by one Prince of Camelot.

Really now. This was all so very unnecessary.

Merlin giggled, going over and flopping on his bed. Somehow he was lucky that Owain was sleeping. Or just not hissing at him for another mouse. He ate a lot.

"The owl eats a lot."

...thank you, Merlin.

[[For that guy]]
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Oh yes, Merlin was planning on hiding from now on. He'd never be able to go anywhere ever again if this sort of thing keeps happening.

That might be why he was going to just try and hid under his covers now. Like the mature, all powerful wizard he was.

"I'm never leaving this room."

[[For that guy]]
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Waking up in Arthur's bed was slowly becoming a bit more... normalish. Though, there was usually someone else in it with him. And he could feel his hands.

Merlin yawned, trying to move his hands to cover his mouth and finding them bound firmly to the headboard. There was a moment of confusion before the weekend came back to him. Yes, the whole weekend.

"Oh. My. GOD."

[[for that guy there!]]
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Midnight. It was finally time for the ritual.

Soon he'd have his brother back and they, with their father, could take over this pathetic island once and for all. Let the Winchesters and Skywalkers fight it out amongst themselves, they would be there to take advantage of the aftermath.

"Tara," Merlin snapped, making sure the completely unnecessary but atmospheric candles were all lit. "The girl."

Oh yes. Soon, their time would be at hand!

[[For three!]]
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So, the cruise had been lovely when they'd gone, but this--this was home.

Sort of.

And he was going to see Eire for the first time and be able to brag all about it and show off his real accent except not, but it would be there. Deep down, he'd know.

And he'd hardly gotten sick on the ride over at all!

"I think that went well!"

[[For the prince with him]]
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After things at the dance had ended, Merlin wasn't quite ready to go back to dorms yet.

So he was just going to have a moment or five here on the park bench. It was very good at being nice and... benchy. Like that.

[[For that stalker prince]]
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There was a party going on, of course. With alcohol.

Merlin wasn't allowed to drink lest he start singing a bawdy song or trying to inform Arthur that he was a useless sod and he was so quitting and his ass was utterly fabulous.

Not that any of that had ever happened. Of course.

So he was attempting to read over the pamphlet of activities again to see if there was anything else to do instead.

[[For the roomie and that spazzing chick]]
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It was diary reading time for Merlin, it seemed going over old spells and looking at the ones he couldn't quite seem to figure out how to do.

And maybe a little bit of doodling in the margins of the book.

Gaius would shake is head in shame if he knew.

[[Open post is open!]]
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With a girlfriend and an overly large puppy with him, Merlin was on a hunt. Not for rabbits or teal deer, but for these Smurf things. Personally, he still thought they were pixies. They ought to be glad there was no stealing children away, really.

Plus, Arthur couldn't be cross as this was training for Brynn!

"Alright, do you think she has the scent?"

[[For the underwear-less one!]]
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[continued from here, here and directly following here.]

"We've been spotted," Harjeedian told them. "A man came out of one of the buildings up the hillside, stared this way for a while, and then hurried down the hillside towards where many of the dwellings lie."

"Then we need to get back to gate and hold it," Firekeeper decided quickly, glancing at her companions to see if they agreed.

Let's go then, )
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After coming in later last night from Canada, Merlin had only been up for one thing. Sleeping in his own damned bed. Oh, how he missed it while being away...

Having someone to share it with was also rather nice, if you asked him. Someone Francine shaped was extra nice. It may have also helped that Arthur was safely on the other side of the room and not fighting anymore bloody demons.

Everything was right with the world.

...give him a moment to notice some things.

[[For the two there. Mwahahaha]]
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After his talk with Lady Ghanima, Merlin felt at ease. Well, slightly more at ease.

...okay, he wasn't panicking anymore. That was still a step up!

So he was attempting to figure out what to do with the bag before Cal came back in the fall. It was mostly just being stared at as though that may force the contents to no longer exist.

No such luck so far, but he had hope!

{{For that chick, up early for SP loooove}}
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Still trying to shake the odd feeling from before, Merlin had gone to find somewhere things made just a bit of sense.

Yes, being sat upon by a dog that was almost as large as him at this point was the thing to make him feel better. "Good girl," He whispered, rubbing the puppy's ears as she flopped onto her back and made a few whining noises.

[[For one!]]
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Instead of doing the mature and emotionally healthy thing and talking to Arthur again, Merlin was cleaning his alcove. A lot.

It didn't even need to be cleaned, but Merlin was doing it anyway.

Ah, repression.

[[For the one. First few comments okay FB, anything referring to the emotional mess that is the clusterfuck NFB]]
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Hoping this might take her mind off things and... not cause anymore random singing, Merlin had asked Francine out to show her a few of the herbs that he was almost certain weren't illegal. Though she could always point out if they were now.

...which might actually help a lot.

"Over this way!"

[[For the giiirl]]


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