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With Francine and Katchoo visiting, that meant that... showing Francine puppies. Because they were the girliest girls to ever girl when allowed to hang out.

"Arthur claims Brynn's no good at hunting, so he's using her to breed larger hounds," Merlin informed her sagely. While holding a wriggling puppy in his arms.

Big, badass wizard. Oh yeah. Live in fear.

[[For the one with him and anyone who might want to facepalm]]
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With the girls leaving today, a proper goodbye was necessary. In Arthur's chambers.

...look, it was the best place to get a bit of privacy. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, Merlin might get a chance to attempt one of those portal things indoors! You never knew when that would be helpful!

"We can visit you both after school starts," he said with far too much enthusiasm.

[[For those in Camelot]]
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After a bit of unsafe mucking about with portals, Merlin was back on the island. His first stop was, of course, to find Francine and Katchoo.

This proved to be more difficult than expected without a mobile phone. So, he went to their room and lurked for a bit before breaking in opening the door with a bit of magic in a manner that they couldn't kill him for. There was plenty of knocking in case they were doing... things.


Now that he had his phone again, he texted them only a few times.

Did everyone just disappear?

[[Establishy as most everyone ought to be cabin-ing!]]
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After things at the dance had ended, Merlin wasn't quite ready to go back to dorms yet.

So he was just going to have a moment or five here on the park bench. It was very good at being nice and... benchy. Like that.

[[For that stalker prince]]
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There was a party going on, of course. With alcohol.

Merlin wasn't allowed to drink lest he start singing a bawdy song or trying to inform Arthur that he was a useless sod and he was so quitting and his ass was utterly fabulous.

Not that any of that had ever happened. Of course.

So he was attempting to read over the pamphlet of activities again to see if there was anything else to do instead.

[[For the roomie and that spazzing chick]]
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With a girlfriend and an overly large puppy with him, Merlin was on a hunt. Not for rabbits or teal deer, but for these Smurf things. Personally, he still thought they were pixies. They ought to be glad there was no stealing children away, really.

Plus, Arthur couldn't be cross as this was training for Brynn!

"Alright, do you think she has the scent?"

[[For the underwear-less one!]]
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[continued from here, here and directly following here.]

"We've been spotted," Harjeedian told them. "A man came out of one of the buildings up the hillside, stared this way for a while, and then hurried down the hillside towards where many of the dwellings lie."

"Then we need to get back to gate and hold it," Firekeeper decided quickly, glancing at her companions to see if they agreed.

Let's go then, )
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After coming in later last night from Canada, Merlin had only been up for one thing. Sleeping in his own damned bed. Oh, how he missed it while being away...

Having someone to share it with was also rather nice, if you asked him. Someone Francine shaped was extra nice. It may have also helped that Arthur was safely on the other side of the room and not fighting anymore bloody demons.

Everything was right with the world.

...give him a moment to notice some things.

[[For the two there. Mwahahaha]]
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Hoping this might take her mind off things and... not cause anymore random singing, Merlin had asked Francine out to show her a few of the herbs that he was almost certain weren't illegal. Though she could always point out if they were now.

...which might actually help a lot.

"Over this way!"

[[For the giiirl]]
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After a very busy evening of... well, Merlin wasn't exactly certain, but he knew there were brownies and cheesy garlic bread in there. Perhaps a bit of mead...

But now he was waking up to the oddest feeling in his mouth and someone resting on his chest. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be female. And of the Francine persuasion.

What on earth happened last night?

[[Oooopen for the fellow cabinmaaates]]
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No candles, no burgers, nothing that Merlin had tried before for romance was happening tonight. That ended badly the last time to he was switching it up.

With cookies.

He even managed to get a bit of a variety pack so Francine could pick and chose what she liked best.

It was the culinary equivalent to Barry White.

[[For the boobs!]]
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This had been a very, very very odd day so far. And Merlin was going to simply scream if the frustration didn't go away soon. He kept thinking about blond hair and muscles and soft curves in pink and it was all jumbled up to the point where he wasn't sure what was what anymore.

So, he made up his mind to go talk to Francine.

Talk. Yes.

Perhaps he ought to look up when he stormed on down the hallway.

[[For the girl!]]
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After a completely uneventful morning, Merlin was back in his room to study. Yes. Study. Not use this post as an excuse for pretty new icon use.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with him reading his magic book in the hopes for some sort of ice spell. Possibly to be used on the water in the showers here.

[[For the girl. Round... 4, I think?]]
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Having promised to make up for the slanderous talk of Francine's cookies, Merlin had tried to set up something romantic for her and him up in his proper room.

It had... mixed results.

He had managed to get candle wax in his only mentioned in one post beard. And had been forced to shave it. He hoped that wouldn't make her upset.

Right now, all he managed in the way of romance was a few candles, a movie he was almost certain was not pornography and some burgers from that Mooby's place. He was getting good at this romance thing if he did say so himself!

[[For the giiiirlfriend]]
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Merlin had a movie and a lion with him this afternoon. Now all he needed was a girlfriend.

...there was something of a joke in there, but he hadn't noticed yet.

"Arthur, please stay off my be--" It was really no use. "--d. You're worse like this, you know."

[[For the lion and giiiirl]
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Having handwavily gotten to the library earlier, Merlin was terribly busy looking into... well anything that caught his eye. A book on Latin, a few on the history of England, and his book from home.

He wasn't exactly sure if any of this would help with the odd sort of plan that was brewing in his head, but they certainly couldn't hurt.

[[Open post is open!]]
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With Francine on his arm still, Merlin was doing the terribly noble thing and escorting her back to her room after the dance was all over and done with. He was more giggly than normal over... something or other, but he hadn't thought anything of it.

Since all he'd had was that punch, after all. No wine, no ale...

Merlin put a finger to his lips, trying to shush her before they drew the attention of anyone around. It wasn't working so far.

[[OOC: For the gal with him!]]


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