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Having woken up in a strange land with strange man, Merlin was forced to make due as best he could in escaping. This... somehow meant he was in a small, dark room filled with clothing.

And there was a sword in here, so he had that going for him.

Which was nice.

Now, to wait for this mysterious, yet somehow familiar stranger to lead him to freedom.

[[For that country. And yes, yes Merlin is from that horrible King Arthur movie with Clive Owen.]]
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Oh yes, Merlin was planning on hiding from now on. He'd never be able to go anywhere ever again if this sort of thing keeps happening.

That might be why he was going to just try and hid under his covers now. Like the mature, all powerful wizard he was.

"I'm never leaving this room."

[[For that guy]]
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Waking up in Arthur's bed was slowly becoming a bit more... normalish. Though, there was usually someone else in it with him. And he could feel his hands.

Merlin yawned, trying to move his hands to cover his mouth and finding them bound firmly to the headboard. There was a moment of confusion before the weekend came back to him. Yes, the whole weekend.

"Oh. My. GOD."

[[for that guy there!]]
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The thing about not allowing hormones to control you normally meant when they did surge past that, you weren't exactly sure how to handle them. And you did utterly stupid things.

Merlin remembered this upon waking up with a start.

"Arthur!" There was a pause before. "...a mouse?"

[[OOC: For anyone who would need to see him this morning]]


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