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With the girls leaving today, a proper goodbye was necessary. In Arthur's chambers.

...look, it was the best place to get a bit of privacy. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, Merlin might get a chance to attempt one of those portal things indoors! You never knew when that would be helpful!

"We can visit you both after school starts," he said with far too much enthusiasm.

[[For those in Camelot]]
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It was still the summer in Camelot, and that meant it was more than just a little too hot to stay in the castle on some days. Mostly ones where there wasn't a breeze to make the stone rooms less stifling.

So, this seemed to mean Arthur needed to take a quick hunting trip with his manservant.

His very, very grateful manservant.

"Are we actually hunting or...?"

[[For that guy]]
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Okay, so Merlin had been trying to get them back to Fandom for a visit, but they'd just ended up outside a mall.


A mall. This could only end in smiles and joy considering it was them. Really now.

"Did you see they have a place where you can watch them do things with chocolate?" Merlin asked, showing just how much of a girl he was. Plus... dude, there was chocolate. And chocolate shaped like small animals. Small animals, Arthur.

[[For that guy.]]
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Merlin didn't remember last year with the children. Well, he did, but he was trying very hard to repress it, so...

He didn't remember.

So, he clinging to Arthur not unlike some sort of aquatic creature. Because it was comfortable for him at least.

[For the guy and any spawn who show up]]
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You know, some people watched cartoons in the morning. Maybe sports. Those were the normal viewing habits of choice.

Merlin, however... decided that making Arthur become acquainted with his rather sizable porn collection was the goal this weekend.


He was a special man.

"And in this one, there's some rubbish about the back room of bars. I certainly hope Caritas isn't like that," Merlin said, putting yet another DVD on the bed for a selection.

[[For the blond guy]]
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So, Merlin was still more than a bit drunk. And he was being manhandled into his room by one Prince of Camelot.

Really now. This was all so very unnecessary.

Merlin giggled, going over and flopping on his bed. Somehow he was lucky that Owain was sleeping. Or just not hissing at him for another mouse. He ate a lot.

"The owl eats a lot."

...thank you, Merlin.

[[For that guy]]
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Oh yes, Merlin was planning on hiding from now on. He'd never be able to go anywhere ever again if this sort of thing keeps happening.

That might be why he was going to just try and hid under his covers now. Like the mature, all powerful wizard he was.

"I'm never leaving this room."

[[For that guy]]
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Waking up in Arthur's bed was slowly becoming a bit more... normalish. Though, there was usually someone else in it with him. And he could feel his hands.

Merlin yawned, trying to move his hands to cover his mouth and finding them bound firmly to the headboard. There was a moment of confusion before the weekend came back to him. Yes, the whole weekend.

"Oh. My. GOD."

[[for that guy there!]]
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So, the cruise had been lovely when they'd gone, but this--this was home.

Sort of.

And he was going to see Eire for the first time and be able to brag all about it and show off his real accent except not, but it would be there. Deep down, he'd know.

And he'd hardly gotten sick on the ride over at all!

"I think that went well!"

[[For the prince with him]]
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There was a party going on, of course. With alcohol.

Merlin wasn't allowed to drink lest he start singing a bawdy song or trying to inform Arthur that he was a useless sod and he was so quitting and his ass was utterly fabulous.

Not that any of that had ever happened. Of course.

So he was attempting to read over the pamphlet of activities again to see if there was anything else to do instead.

[[For the roomie and that spazzing chick]]
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[continued from here, here and directly following here.]

"We've been spotted," Harjeedian told them. "A man came out of one of the buildings up the hillside, stared this way for a while, and then hurried down the hillside towards where many of the dwellings lie."

"Then we need to get back to gate and hold it," Firekeeper decided quickly, glancing at her companions to see if they agreed.

Let's go then, )
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After coming in later last night from Canada, Merlin had only been up for one thing. Sleeping in his own damned bed. Oh, how he missed it while being away...

Having someone to share it with was also rather nice, if you asked him. Someone Francine shaped was extra nice. It may have also helped that Arthur was safely on the other side of the room and not fighting anymore bloody demons.

Everything was right with the world.

...give him a moment to notice some things.

[[For the two there. Mwahahaha]]
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Instead of doing the mature and emotionally healthy thing and talking to Arthur again, Merlin was cleaning his alcove. A lot.

It didn't even need to be cleaned, but Merlin was doing it anyway.

Ah, repression.

[[For the one. First few comments okay FB, anything referring to the emotional mess that is the clusterfuck NFB]]
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So it was back to the cabins today. You could almost smell the s'mores already.

Or perhaps that was the smell of cabins that needed airing out. Who really knew? The point was it was going to be interesting.

Merlin was busy doing the actual work of moving the pair in and Arthur was... eating fruit.

"You could help, you know."

[[Open for cabinmates!]]
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A ride into the preserve was just what was needed in the early morning. Before the heat of the day would even start to kick in and everything was still and quiet from the night before.

The only things awake with them, it seemed, were the horses and the occasional teal deer that just stared as they passed. It was still a bit unnerving if you asked Merlin.

"It's almost like being home here."

[[For that guy with the hair]]
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After a completely uneventful morning, Merlin was back in his room to study. Yes. Study. Not use this post as an excuse for pretty new icon use.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with him reading his magic book in the hopes for some sort of ice spell. Possibly to be used on the water in the showers here.

[[For the girl. Round... 4, I think?]]
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Walking away from the beach in silence if only because Merlin couldn't come up with a damned thing to say hadn't been how he expected the evening to end. Not that he had put much thought into it other than--being in love with Katchoo?

That was utterly ridiculous, though.

Merlin scuffed his foot on the ground, shaking that out of his head.

[[For the guy with him]]
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After hearing about zombies and not being able to find Francine at all, Merlin was starting to get nervous. Okay, so perhaps it wasn't starting and was simply him being very nervous.

So there he was, barging on into Arthur's room like always.


[[For the guy there!]]


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