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After being told to deliver an elixer to the Lady Catrina and then being turned away, Merlin was left to wander on back to Gaius, still holding the bottle.

"She seemed confused by it," Merlin said, just beginning to get suspicious. Because he was a special lad.
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It was the same thing they did every Monday, collecting pots from Gaius' various patient's all over the city and within the keep proper. Which made for a terribly exciting time all around!

Okay, more like boring and Merlin left feeling a bit like a pack mule as he lugged the pots and Gaius carried on like he was on a carefree little walk.

[For the creepers]]
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Merlin was not sneaking into his room. That would imply he had something to hide.

Which he didn't


"Are you avoiding me?" Gaius asked, coming out of nowhere on him. Those eyebrows were accusing him of something already.

"What?" Merlin asked, laughing nervously. "Why would I do that?"

The eyebrows rose imperiously.


"I--" Well, he needed to tell him sometime... "You were busy!"

That didn't help.

"Merlin, I am frequently busy, and yet I always manage to find time for you in my schedule," said Gaius, in that not-quite-accusing way that he has. "My boy, what on God's Earth has you so skittish?"

"I told Arthur," Merlin blurted out in one quick spurt. There. All said. "About me."

Gaius' eyes widened almost comically large. "You what?"

"He took it well!"

"Well obviously, since you're still alive," Gaius replied, pacing away from him.

Merlin bit his lip, shrugging helplessly. "I had to."

[[For those eyebrows and SP]


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