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After things at the dance had ended, Merlin wasn't quite ready to go back to dorms yet.

So he was just going to have a moment or five here on the park bench. It was very good at being nice and... benchy. Like that.

[[For that stalker prince]]
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After coming in later last night from Canada, Merlin had only been up for one thing. Sleeping in his own damned bed. Oh, how he missed it while being away...

Having someone to share it with was also rather nice, if you asked him. Someone Francine shaped was extra nice. It may have also helped that Arthur was safely on the other side of the room and not fighting anymore bloody demons.

Everything was right with the world.

...give him a moment to notice some things.

[[For the two there. Mwahahaha]]
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Walking away from the beach in silence if only because Merlin couldn't come up with a damned thing to say hadn't been how he expected the evening to end. Not that he had put much thought into it other than--being in love with Katchoo?

That was utterly ridiculous, though.

Merlin scuffed his foot on the ground, shaking that out of his head.

[[For the guy with him]]
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Merlin was not normally the type of man to wake up with a woman half on top of him. Other than those times with Francine, of course.

But this... was not Francine.

If he opened his eyes, he very well me have to make a very frightened noise. He was just going to peek out of one eye. Blond hair. Oh. He rather liked blond hair. Opening both eyes now, Merlin peered down at the woman, finding himself oddly overwhelmed with feelings of love for her.

This could not end well.

Let it be a lesson to him about going into the woods with anyone on something that may be considered a midsummer's night by some wild stretch of the imagination. When he was back to normal, this would be a very important lesson indeed.

[[For his beloved who is modded with permission!]]


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