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There was a party going on, of course. With alcohol.

Merlin wasn't allowed to drink lest he start singing a bawdy song or trying to inform Arthur that he was a useless sod and he was so quitting and his ass was utterly fabulous.

Not that any of that had ever happened. Of course.

So he was attempting to read over the pamphlet of activities again to see if there was anything else to do instead.

[[For the roomie and that spazzing chick]]
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After a completely uneventful morning, Merlin was back in his room to study. Yes. Study. Not use this post as an excuse for pretty new icon use.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with him reading his magic book in the hopes for some sort of ice spell. Possibly to be used on the water in the showers here.

[[For the girl. Round... 4, I think?]]
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Having promised to make up for the slanderous talk of Francine's cookies, Merlin had tried to set up something romantic for her and him up in his proper room.

It had... mixed results.

He had managed to get candle wax in his only mentioned in one post beard. And had been forced to shave it. He hoped that wouldn't make her upset.

Right now, all he managed in the way of romance was a few candles, a movie he was almost certain was not pornography and some burgers from that Mooby's place. He was getting good at this romance thing if he did say so himself!

[[For the giiiirlfriend]]


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