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After everyone (IE, Arthur) had gone to bed for the evening, Merlin had snuck out to give the phone another try.

They worked for everyone else, right? They had to work here. Even if that meant Merlin needed to give it a little extra oomph to get there. What the oomph would be... he honestly wasn't sure. But he was going to keep trying until something worked.

"On þæs ácíege dæg dæg fyrlen. A geond swelc stíþmægen geanbyrde," he said to the phone that just blinked to inform him that it's battery was nearly dead.

Yes, this could take all night.

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Someone gave those brownies to the Magic Reserve. Someone who was probably a certain fish named man. And that meant someone needed to get his just desserts.

Somehow this meant sitting around in Merlin's room and trying out a brand new spell on him.

"Okay, so are we ready?" Merlin asked, clinging to his book tightly. Because it seemed like a good idea.

Karla had her supplies with her, too, including a whole skein of untouched spidersilk. She was going to weave so many tangled webs around Chuck Bass's brain that he'd be lucky to only believe himself a female. She'd been giving some serious thought to changing him into a beetle, a fish, and a particularly vile species of lizard.

Tony had his laptop open and in front of him. "I think so. I mean, I haven't done something like this before, but if something goes wrong, it should go wrong to Chuck, right? So win-win."

Merlin smiled far too cheerfully at that idea. Perhaps because he was just a bit evil under all that cheer.

"All at once?"

"Let's do this," Karla agreed, tying off the last knot in her web. "If he thinks practical jokes are funny, he should love this one."

There wasn't anything flashy or obvious when the spell was cast, unlike how it looked on those television shows. Nothing glittered even though glitter would have been a bit nice considering the group involved.

"Did it work?" Merlin asked very slowly.

"I guess we'd have to find Chuck to know," Tony said.

[[Establishy! Co-written with the fabu leaders of the Magic Reserve!]]
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Setting his pack down on the bed that didn't look as though it was taken, Merlin started to dig for some candles. The window in here let in some light, but not nearly enough to start figuring out where to put his belongings.

Looking around to make sure his new roommate wasn't around, he blew gently on the wick, sparking it to flame. It was easier that way, after all.

From that one, he lit a few more candles, moving to put them around the room.

[[Open for interaction! Magic NFB, plz!]]


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