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It was diary reading time for Merlin, it seemed going over old spells and looking at the ones he couldn't quite seem to figure out how to do.

And maybe a little bit of doodling in the margins of the book.

Gaius would shake is head in shame if he knew.

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Merlin was very pointedly not reading a certain book under his bed right now. But that didn't mean he couldn't read his other book. The one with magic.

Not the... sex one.

That was covered with a shirt because it wasn't something anyone needed to see. More than once.

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Having handwavily gotten to the library earlier, Merlin was terribly busy looking into... well anything that caught his eye. A book on Latin, a few on the history of England, and his book from home.

He wasn't exactly sure if any of this would help with the odd sort of plan that was brewing in his head, but they certainly couldn't hurt.

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After the list of chores that comes from the morning after Arthur's broadcast and then class, Merlin was just settling in to have a spot of private time to read his book. Anything about drinking blood and red eyes would be good to find out more on.

No such luck so far. But he wasn't giving up hope!

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