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Okay, so Merlin had been trying to get them back to Fandom for a visit, but they'd just ended up outside a mall.


A mall. This could only end in smiles and joy considering it was them. Really now.

"Did you see they have a place where you can watch them do things with chocolate?" Merlin asked, showing just how much of a girl he was. Plus... dude, there was chocolate. And chocolate shaped like small animals. Small animals, Arthur.

[[For that guy.]]
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No candles, no burgers, nothing that Merlin had tried before for romance was happening tonight. That ended badly the last time to he was switching it up.

With cookies.

He even managed to get a bit of a variety pack so Francine could pick and chose what she liked best.

It was the culinary equivalent to Barry White.

[[For the boobs!]]
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Merlin had a movie and a lion with him this afternoon. Now all he needed was a girlfriend.

...there was something of a joke in there, but he hadn't noticed yet.

"Arthur, please stay off my be--" It was really no use. "--d. You're worse like this, you know."

[[For the lion and giiiirl]
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With Francine on his arm still, Merlin was doing the terribly noble thing and escorting her back to her room after the dance was all over and done with. He was more giggly than normal over... something or other, but he hadn't thought anything of it.

Since all he'd had was that punch, after all. No wine, no ale...

Merlin put a finger to his lips, trying to shush her before they drew the attention of anyone around. It wasn't working so far.

[[OOC: For the gal with him!]]


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