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With a girlfriend and an overly large puppy with him, Merlin was on a hunt. Not for rabbits or teal deer, but for these Smurf things. Personally, he still thought they were pixies. They ought to be glad there was no stealing children away, really.

Plus, Arthur couldn't be cross as this was training for Brynn!

"Alright, do you think she has the scent?"

[[For the underwear-less one!]]
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Still trying to shake the odd feeling from before, Merlin had gone to find somewhere things made just a bit of sense.

Yes, being sat upon by a dog that was almost as large as him at this point was the thing to make him feel better. "Good girl," He whispered, rubbing the puppy's ears as she flopped onto her back and made a few whining noises.

[[For one!]]
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With the puppy still in the process of learning not to piddle indoors, Merlin found himself down in the barn all night to keep her company rather than clean up in the morning. It was actually rather warm even in the cool of the night. All the horses, after all.

And a puppy that decided to sleep curled up on his back.

"Brynne, you're going to make me unable to walk if you do that again," Merlin grumbled, giving her an annoyed look.

[[For one]]
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Merlin was well aware that a proper hunting dog should learn to sleep in the barn. He also knew that a proper hunting dog was also far older than the poor puppy.

And when he had tried to leave after feeding her, she had just whined and cried pitifully until he found himself sneaking her up into his room. Softhearted may very well be his middle name.

"No, Brynne! Not on Cal's half of the room!"

Somewhere in his book there simply must be a spell to clean up piddle, right? Right? ...alright, he'd just need a good rag and some water.

[[Door is closed, post is open!]]


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