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Firekeeper and Blind Seer
Firekeeper was torn; on the one hand, she felt she and Blind Seer should have gone with Arthur, as surely three facing a dangerous creature were better than one (regardless of how Arthur himself might feel on the issue)? On the other, Merlin deserved to know what was going on- especially if whatever magic had brought the creature to Fandom was temporary. If Arthur ended up back in Camelot alone, neither Firekeeper nor Blind Seer would be able to forgive themselves for such a mistake. In the end, the argument for telling Merlin seemed more important, so here they were knocking on his door.

...Well, Firekeeper was knocking. Blind Seer's lack of hands would make such a thing difficult.

Merlin sighed and go up to open the door. There was really only so much someone could do to pass the time without unpacking.

"Firekeeper? What are you two doing here?"

Firekeeper and Blind Seer
"We has an important thing to tell you," Firekeeper said, getting right down to business.

"Um." It was probably entirely off-base for Merlin to think that Firekeeper was picking now to decide she had a thing for him, right?


Look at those cheekbones! Women loved him!

Firekeeper and Blind Seer
Yeah, no. Keeeep dreaming, Merlin.

"Arthur," she sighed, "has perhaps done a foolish thing." Never you mind that she would have done exactly the same in his place. Never you mind.

It was possible!

"...foolish how?"

Firekeeper and Blind Seer
"When the moon were still high in the sky, Blind Seer and I were in preserve. We come across a strange creature we have heard of only because Arthur tell us of it. So, we tell him this. And now," she shrugged. "He has gone on a hunt. To find this Questing Beast."

Merlin stared for a moment, as if trying to tell if she was joking. Though, considering who was telling him this, the answer should have been obvious.

"That idiot," he snapped, taking off at a run for the stairs.

Firekeeper and Blind Seer
Firekeeper frowned as she watched Merlin go, again holding a quick, silent conversation with Blind Seer about whether or not they should go with him.

We've interfered already, in setting Merlin on his trail, Firekeeper pointed out. This creature... it's from their world. As Arthur said, he has something to settle for it. If either of them wanted our help, they know we would freely give it.

Who are you trying to convince, dear one? Blind Seer asked with an amused twitch of his tail. Me, or yourself? I trust the two of them will handle this hunt well enough.

Firekeeper reached out to punch Blind Seer on the shoulder. He had a point, sure, but did he have to be so smug about it?

[[NFB, NFI! Preplayed with [ profile] kestrelswolf and all that awesome]]


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